PY 26 Paceship Sailboat Review

The PY 26 design was first sailboat built by Paceship Yachts in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. At the end of 1977, the company was bought by AMF of Connecticut, who built the design between 1978 and 1981.

Tanzer Industries bought the mold and rights to the design in 1981. They produced the boat as the Tanzer 27 (with a desk stepped versus the original keel stepped mast). Tanzer went out of business several years later.

PY 26 Paceship Sailboat
PY 26 Paceship Sailboat

An interesting side note is that AMF (American Machine and Foundry) was founded in 1900 producing automated cigarette manufacturing machinery. During their history, they have produced everything from bowling balls to atomic reactors and everything in-between.

The PY 26 Paceship is a fun little sailboat and makes for a great weekend adventure.  Although I don’t think I would want to sail her down to the Roaring 40s, I do think it is the perfect little ship to play on the lakes and bays across the country. 

Put this little boat on a trailer and you can explore remote mountain lakes from the Appalachians to the Rockies.  She is perfect for the Inter Coastal Waterway with all the sandbars, shallow rivers, and canals.

PY 26 Paceship


Captain Dave



  • Swing Keel allows for shallow draft
  • Fun to sail
  • Great for lakes and bays


  • Swing Keel is prone to damage
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