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Juan Sebastián Elcano, You Went Around Me First!

Who was the first to circumnavigate the world? The answer you receive will depend on who you ask. If you ask most of the world they will either say Joshua Slocum or Ferdinand Magellan, however both answers are wrong. If you ask someone from Spain they will say Juan Sebastián Elcano but that answer is only 1/18th correct. The world's first circumnavigation was...

Circumnavigation Route

Conquistador of the Useless!

My journey will be approximately 69,000 nautical miles and expected to take about 5 years to complete. The adventure will start in Seattle Washington and transit the Pacific Ocean, Coral Sea, South China Sea, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea. It calls for landfall on six continents, all except Antarctica.