The Seventh Son of the Seventh Son

The Seventh Son of the Seventh Son

Belief in the special gifts of a Seventh Son (and Daughter) can be found in Folklore throughout the world. In France, The Seventh Son was called a ‘Marcou’ and branded with a fleur-de-lis. Captains of Merchant Ships would try, ‘often by force if necessary’ to have a Seventh Son on ship as Legend has it that the Ship wouldn’t sink with a Seventh Son on Board.

In Scotland, the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter was said to have the gift of second sight (prophetic vision). In Ireland, the saliva of a seventh son was said to have healing properties. However, in Romanian folklore, a seventh child was believed to be fated to become a vampire.

The belief in the healing powers of a seventh son of a seventh son has persisted into the twenty first century. However if we wish to be honest with ourselves we must acknowledge that everything has a natural explanation and that magic is only a fantasy of the mind.

Several music videos have been made of this theme but my favorite is Johnny Rivers: Seventh Son.   

Johnny Rivers is the Brooklyn-born, Baton Rouge, La.-reared rocker who put 32 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 from 1964 to 1977 

You can buy the song in its original vinyl format on Amazon but I have found this wonderful Love Performance of 14 tracks of Johnny Rivers best songs. 

14 Tracks As Follows:  Secret Agent Theme ~ LET It Rock ~ Rooster Blues ~ Seventh SON ~ Down At the House OF Blues ~ Summer Rain ~ Tracks of My Tears ~ Last Train to Memphis ~ Goin' Back to Big Sur ~ Mountain of Love ~ Poor Side of Town ~ Memphis ~ Secret Agent Man ~ My Bucket's Got a Hole in It

Seventh Son by Johnny Rivers

Johnny Rivers: Live At Cache Creek

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