Loopie’s Irish Pub in Fonda, NY

Loopie’s Irish Pub is a sports bar in Fonda, NY. I discovered this little gem when sailing the Wind Quest over the Appalachian Mountains on the Erie Canal at Lock 12.

Loopie's Irish Pub
Inside Loopie’s Irish Pub

We stopped for the night and tied up on the dock at Lock 12 and walked to Fonda, NY to get food and iced. Our first stop was at Tribes Hills Delli but they were out of ice so we took our groceries back to the boat and walked back down to Loopie’s to get some ice.

We spent the rest of the night drinking and hanging out with the people at the bar. After closing the bartender and some of her friends gave us a ride back down to the boat. The best thing is that the bartender’s father came to the boat the next morning to help with our diesel engine.

Loopie’s Irish Pub
410 Mohawk Dr.
Fonda, NY 12068

Hours: 12pm – 1am
(518) 829-8000

Loopie's Irish Pub











  • Great Service
  • Good Prices
  • Best Atmosphere
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