Reviews and Opinions about Boat Anchorages


Reviews and Opinions about Boat Anchorages

Northeast Whitehall Bay

Anchorage: Northeast Whitehall Bay

Whitehall Bay, on the west side of Chesapeake Bay and has general depths of 13 to 6 feet. A lighthouse at Sharps Point, on the west side of the entrance to Whitehall Creek Entrance Light 2W, provides a well-marked approach to the channel between North Shoal and Whitehall Flats.

Tilghman Creek

Anchorage: Tilghman Creek

Tilghman Creek is an excellent place to drop the hook if you are looking for solitude. This honey of an anchorage is sheltered from all directions, although houses and docks surround the cove. Normally not too crowded and offers Good holding.

Anchorage: Chesapeake City Located on the C&D Canal - Postcards from the Edge

Anchorage: Chesapeake City

While tidal current tables report the current at the entrance at 2 knots, old hands know that the current across the entrance can be substantially greater. More current is experienced at the far end of the basin where a small stream enters.

Anchorage: Yopps Cove - Carter Creek

Anchorage: Yopps Cove – Carter Creek

I anchored here a while back for a short rest on a long trip and the anchorage was great except for a few things. Carter Creek is home to a few resorts and golf clubs making basic supplies expensive. The closest store, other than yacht club ship stores and tourist shops, was a 45 minute walk. The anchorage itself is easy to get into and the views are very pretty but...