Tasty Tama

Hi, my name is Tama. I am the Editor for the Food section of Postcards from the Edge. I write the recipes, cook and bake some of the recipes of my favorite foods.

Slow Cooker Turkey Breast with Mustard Sauce

Slow Cooker Turkey Breast with Mustard Sauce

You are probably wondering why I am posting a turkey recipe in the spring. Well, I bought a new Crock-Pot Slow Cooker from Costco last week and wanted to try a new Turkey Breast with Mustard Sauce recipe for my spring soloist feast.

Dutch Oven Peach Crisp

Dutch Oven Peach Crisp

Learn how to make a very scrumptious Dutch oven dessert with Dan Brooks, the Cast Iron Ranger and Brent Bolton from Dutchmasters Catering.

Maple Fall Festival Cake

Maple Fall Festival Cake Recipe

This Cake will melt in your mouth and make your taste buds come alive. The espresso in the chocolate gives it that unusual but tasty flavor of a little bit of coffee. So take a chance and try this one. This recipe does make 4 round cake pans, So bake away, then give one as a gift.

Peanut Butter & Ricotta Cheese Pie with Almond Butter Crust

Peanut Butter & Ricotta Cheese Pie With Almond Butter Crust

If you love delicious pie, this is a winner.!! Low in carbs and simply delicious. The creamy goodness of peanut butter and ricotta together make this pie to die for. On top of that the almond butter crust gives it just a little crunch to make the pie complete. So these two together make...

Wiener-Schnitzel, It's so Damn Good

Wiener-Schnitzel, It’s so Damn Good

Germans love Wiener-Schnitzel and so do I.  Presented by Chef Uwe, this classic recipe will have your tastebuds doing the happy dance.  Follow along as Chef Uwe shows you how to prepare this culinary delight.

German Rouladen - Wicked Good Eats

German Rouladen – Wicked Good Eats

Rouladen, a German dish,  is one of my favorite foods.  Served with potatoes, noodles or even rice, this dish is a meal to remember. I highly recommend you try this. A little labor-intensive, but you won't be disappointed.