Anchorage: Northeast Whitehall Bay

Location: Whitehall Bay
Mile Marker: Mile 52 West
Lat / Lon: N 38° 59.783′ / W 076° 25.483′
Depth: 11-13 Feet
Holding: Good, Mud
Wind Protection: Open to South and West
Wake Protection: Open to South and West

Whitehall Bay, on the west side of Chesapeake Bay and has general depths of 13 to 6 feet. A lighthouse at Sharps Point, on the west side of the entrance to Whitehall Creek Entrance Light 2W, provides a well-marked approach to the channel between North Shoal and Whitehall Flats.

I have anchored here several times. It can be a bit confusing but

[osm_map_v3 map_center=”39.0040,-76.4213″ zoom=”13″ width=”100%” height=”450″ map_border=”thin solid blue” post_markers=”1″ type=”OpenSeaMap”]
The Dread Pirate Dave

Yo-Ho Swabies. Ye’ve followed the chart and discovered the booty ‘neath the X. Be ye pirate enough to join my ranks and fight alongside one of the most bloodthirsty and scandalous corsairs to ever darken the Seven Seas??? Then come aboard and join me to set sail for adventure, the like of which ye’ve never spied in all yer days.

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