5 Reasons to Go Camping
5 Reasons to Go Camping

5 Reasons to Go Camping

Go Camping for Incredible Scenery

Incredible Scenery

Think about all the great things to see and do that you can only discover on a camping trip into the wilderness of this big and wonderful world.  There’s no way I would have discovered this beautiful waterfall if I had not been traveling down this country road in the middle of Colorado’s Gunnison National Forest on a camping trip. Exploring the wilderness around your campsite can be extremely fun and also dangerous so take care when exploring. I have seen all manner of critter walk through my camp sites.  From Mountain Lions to Elk and even a herd of Wild Horses in California a few moons back.  One should also observe proper food and trash storage because of wild animals that might scavenge a free meal.  Bears and such can become aggressive if they think you are in their way.  Regardless of how dangerous it sounds I have never had an issue with a wild animal.  In the big scheme of things the world is a quiet safe place.  So get your sleeping bag and tent and discover new worlds.

Reason 3 to Go Camping

Mental Relaxation

When you go camping you forget the daily pressures of life, relax and have fun.  You might expend more energy climbing, hiking, exploring and discovering in a day than you do in your sedentary life but these are things that relax the mind and let you get back to your inner child.


You can’t have a camping trip with a campfire.  There is nothing more bonding than sitting around a campfire with friends while sipping a beer, telling stories and jokes.  Campfires are the cornerstone of any good camping trip.  The can be used to cook your food, warm you from the cold and set a romantic mood for the campers in love.  Remember to keep a shovel, loose dirt and a bucket of water close by when using any campfire.  Always observe and obey any fire warnings issued for your area.  Stay warm and be safe.  Remember, Smokey Bear says “Only you can prevent forest fires”.


Can’t have a campfire without S’Mores.  It is a tradition in my family and I think a federal law.  Kids love them and any camper worth their weight will have Graham Crackers, Chocolate Bars and Marshmallows packed in their camping supplies.  I never go camping without them.

It’s Cheaper Than A Hotel

Depending on how you like to camp it can run from free to $30 a night on average for a tent camper.  RV’s will always pay more but they require more infrastructure than a tent camper.  Of course you cannot pitch a tent in the Walmart parking lot but you can stay a few nights in a RV.  Regardless of where or how you camp, it will always be cheaper than a hotel.

The Dread Pirate Dave

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