Basic Keelboat: The National Standard for Quality Sailing Instructions

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(The Certification Series)
The first of U.S. Sailing’s popular Keelboat Series, Basic Keelboat covers the skills and terminology required to responsibly skipper a small daysailing keelboat. Basic Keelboat breaks down maneuvers like tacking, jibing, docking and overboard recovery in a simple, understandable manner. Used by sailing schools around the country, Basic Keelboat is the definitive learn-to-sail text, published by the national authority for sailing in the U.S.

  • Series: The Certification Series
  • Paperback: 91 pages
  • Publisher: Partners Pub Group Inc

US Sailing’s Basic Keelboat textbook, which teaches the essential principles of safe sailing for beginners and is the foundation for US Sailing’s Certification Series – the national standard for excellence in sailing and cruising instruction in the United States.

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