Maple Fall Festival Cake
Maple Fall Festival Cake

Maple Fall Festival Cake

This Maple Cake will melt in your mouth and make your taste buds come alive. The espresso in the chocolate gives it that unusual but tasty flavor of a little bit of coffee. So take a chance and try this one. This recipe does make 4 round cake pans, So bake away and give one as a gift to family and friends.

I box chocolate cake mix
I box white cake mix
Maple flavoring for icing
1 tsp of espresso, or more if needed to your taste
Make cakes as directed on box.

In white cake mix add orange food coloring to make the orange cake.
In chocolate cake I add espresso to give it a zing.

2 blocks of softened cream cheese
1 1/2 cups of powdered sugar to start.(More if needed)
4 TBSP of 2 % milk (I add milk to make my icing creamier) so add more if necessary.
Couple of drops of Maple flavoring, this is to your taste
Mix these ingredients together with a beater to get a creamy icing, if needed add more milk

After cakes cool,remove from pans, place on your favorite cake plate, then ice bottom cake,make sure to put extra icing between layers, then put top cake on and ice. You can also add orange food coloring to your icing to make it even more spectacular. Or chocolate sprinkles.

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