Secrets of the Kama Sutra – The Lazy Doggie

The Lazy Doggie is is just what the doctor ordered after a long hot night of sexual activity. This is as easy as sex can get so ladies, lie down on your stomach and have your man lie on top of you and then let the fun begin.

Most all women will love this position, as it’s allows your man to more easily stimulate your g-spot. It also leaves room for a little improv – the standard bump and grind is fine, but add some accessories and it will make the sex even better. Ladies pullout Bob and star the fireworks, you will not regret it.

As always remember to practice safe sex to protect your health and safety.

The Dread Pirate Dave

Yo-Ho Swabies. Ye’ve followed the chart and discovered the booty ‘neath the X. Be ye pirate enough to join my ranks and fight alongside one of the most bloodthirsty and scandalous corsairs to ever darken the Seven Seas??? Then come aboard and join me to set sail for adventure, the like of which ye’ve never spied in all yer days.

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