What will happen on December 21, 2012

The Mayan’s did not predict the end of the world and their calendar was cyclical, in other words, it never ended. There are only two mentions of 2012 in Mayan writing and they reference the end of the 13th Bak’tun (1 Bak’tun was equal to 394.26 years) which ends on the winter solstice 2012 or Dec 21st 2012, it merely marks the end of a cycle.

The Mayans used 3 different calendars to track time.

  1. Tzolk’in – Organized into a 260 day yearly calendar
  2. Haab’- Organized into 365 day yearly calendar.
  3. Long Count – A mix of base-20 and base-18 hieroglyphs representing the number of days since the start of the Mayan era.

All of the Mayan calendars were cyclical and none predicted the end of the world. In fact some Mayan text talk about celestial events taking place in the year 7000 ad. The Mayans did not predict the terrible floods, giant earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions that were depicted in the movie “2012″.

Winter Solstice 21 Dec 2012

The Dread Pirate Dave

Yo-Ho Swabies. Ye’ve followed the chart and discovered the booty ‘neath the X. Be ye pirate enough to join my ranks and fight alongside one of the most bloodthirsty and scandalous corsairs to ever darken the Seven Seas??? Then come aboard and join me to set sail for adventure, the like of which ye’ve never spied in all yer days.

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