Anchorage: Yopps Cove – Carter Creek

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I anchored here a while back for a short rest on a long trip and the anchorage was great except for a few things. Carter Creek is home to a few resorts and golf clubs making basic supplies expensive. The closest store, other than yacht club ship stores and tourist shops, was a 45 minute walk. The anchorage itself is easy to get into and the views are very pretty but the weekend motorboat traffic was very heavy creating the never-ending wake.

Waterway Guide

The Waterway Guide, an East Coast Sailor’s Bible

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If you are going to be sailing on the east coast you need this resource.  The Waterway Guide comes both online and in the book form.  Whenever I have internet access I always consult the online database but when I am in areas with no cell service then I consult the book.  Either way Waterway Guide has the information you will be looking for.  I use this guide for all my route planning.