Bay Bridge Marina

Bay Bridge Marina

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I have only visited this marina once and had trouble making it in with my 5.5 ft draft. The entrance a bit shallow, the charts says the approach depth is 7 to 8 ft but I bottomed out just after the entrance had been drudged. Also the approach has a strong cross current so be careful when entering and leaving the marina.

Pasadena Yacht Yard (PYY Marine) & Whites Cove Anchorage

Pasadena Yacht Yard (PYY Marine) & Whites Cove Anchorage

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I first discovered the PPY Marina when my brother bought his Columbia 8.7 Sailboat which was on the hard in the PYY Marine yard. We worked on the engine, replaced the fuel tank and painted the hull of his boat before the PPY team used the boat lift to put the “Defiant” into the water.  The marina also provided a diesel engine mechanic to help get this old engine started and a mechanic to adjust the stuffing box.

Anchorage: Yopps Cove – Carter Creek

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I anchored here a while back for a short rest on a long trip and the anchorage was great except for a few things. Carter Creek is home to a few resorts and golf clubs making basic supplies expensive. The closest store, other than yacht club ship stores and tourist shops, was a 45 minute walk. The anchorage itself is easy to get into and the views are very pretty but the weekend motorboat traffic was very heavy creating the never-ending wake.

PY 26 Paceship

PY 26 Paceship Sailboat

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The PY 26 design was first built by Paceship Yachts in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. At the end of 1977, the company was bought by AMF of Connecticut, who built the design between 1978 and 1981. Tanzer Industries bought the mold and rights to the design in 1981 and produced the boat as the Tanzer 27 (with a desk stepped versus the original keel stepped mast) until they went out of business several years later.

Waterway Guide

The Waterway Guide, an East Coast Sailor’s Bible

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If you are going to be sailing on the east coast you need this resource.  The Waterway Guide comes both online and in the book form.  Whenever I have internet access I always consult the online database but when I am in areas with no cell service then I consult the book.  Either way Waterway Guide has the information you will be looking for.  I use this guide for all my route planning.

5 Reasons to Go Camping

5 Reasons to Go Camping

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Think about all the great things to see and do that you can only discover on a camping trip into the wilderness of this big and wonderful world.  There’s no way I would have discovered this beautiful waterfall if I had not been traveling down this country road in the middle of Colorado’s Gunnison National Forest on a camping trip.

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Monday Night Movie – Deep Water

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Deep Water is a riveting documentary about the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race. It is a true story of daring adventure with failure and triumph. In the summer of 1968 9 men sailed out on the first solo non-stop circumnavigation of the world. Six of the sailors dropped out of the race because of issues with their ship. One sailor never finished as he continued sailing on his personal adventure.