Anchorage: Northeast Whitehall Bay

Northeast Whitehall Bay

Location: Whitehall Bay
Mile Marker: Mile 52 West
Lat / Lon: N 38° 59.783' / W 076° 25.483'
Depth: 11-13 Feet

Holding: Good, Mud
Wind Protection: Open to South and West
Wake Protection: Open to South and West

Whitehall Bay, on the west side of Chesapeake Bay and has general depths of 13 to 6 feet. A lighthouse at Sharps Point, on the west side of the entrance to Whitehall Creek Entrance Light 2W, provides a well-marked approach to the channel between North Shoal and Whitehall Flats.

Northeast Whitehall Bay


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  • Great Views
  • Slow Current
  • Good Holding
  • Plenty of Fish


  • Shallow Areas
  • Exposed to the South